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Gemma Pearson Psychology (GPPsychology)


01858 452615


Clinics held at: 

St Mary's Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7DX, England UK

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Data Protection and Privacy

What information do I collect?

If you contact me via this website I will collect and keep your details - including name, phone number, email and reason for accessing therapy.  This information will be kept on a secure Cloud platform.  If you contact me and do not access therapy your details will be kept for one year.  

If you pursue therapy, to enable engagement in this I will store some personal information which may include your name, telephone number, email address, postal address on a database.

During therapy I may take paper notes.  I also will keep an electronic record that will include a short summary of what the session has discussed.    Other electronic information may include typed up information, assessments or formulations.  


Securing your personal information 

Any personal information gathered in therapy sessions on paper will be stored in a locked cabinet in a secure environment.   This will be scanned and saved in a secure cloud based service.

If you wish to engage in Video Therapy this will be conducted via Zoom.us, an encrypted GDPR compliant video platform.  


All data that is collected or kept electronically will be saved in a secure encrypted cloud service and will be password protected at all times.

In line with professional standards, following the end of therapy your information will be saved for 7 years before being securely destroyed.  You are able to ask that information is destroyed earlier than this if your wish. 


You will always be offered copies of any documents produced as part of therapy.  


Continued Professional Development: 

As a qualified and chartered Psychologist it is expected that I maintain regular supervision and Continued Professional Development (CPD).  Supervision can include discussion of themes that come from therapy sessions.   The focus is on my development and therapeutic skills rather than you.   Your personal information will never be used during supervision.  


Part of my CPD for specific therapies (Schema/ DBT) includes feedback on audio recordings of therapy sessions.  Only audio recordings or sections of tape will be used that are anonymous.  The focus of supervision will be on my practice, not on you.  Agreeing for sessions to be audio recorded is voluntary, and if you do not wish to do this it will not impact in any way on the therapy that you are offered.

Sharing of Information:

Your details will never be shared with others without your consent.   The only times when information would be shared are: 

We will not share any information about you with other organisations or people, except in the following situations:

  • Consent – GP Psychology may share information with professional carers or others whom you have requested or agreed we should contact.

  • Serious harm – GP Psychology may share your information with the relevant authorities if we have reason to believe that this may prevent serious harm being caused to you or another person.

  • Compliance with law – GP Psychology may share your information where we are required to by law or by the regulations and other rules to which we are subject.


As noted above, as part of my continued professional development I must seek supervision on a regular basis. During supervision I may ask for advice around our therapy sessions.  If you agree to this, your details will always be kept anonymous and confidential.


If you agree to recording of sessions for my CPD these will be securely saved on an encrypted cloud storage system.   These recordings will be shared with my supervisor, using secure email and sharing systems.   You will be notified of any session that is used and have the right to refuse use of this.   You can withdraw your consent for this at any time.  


Your rights 

Under data protection law you have the right to change or withdraw your consent and to request details of any personal data that we hold about you.